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Setting up an organisation in the hope that it won’t be needed in the future is a unique situation, but it’s exactly what this year’s Most Influential Person award winner, Toni McAllister, has done in order to promote diversity in the AV industry.

One of the biggest challenges facing the AV industry is that of staff shortages but, as the winner of this year’s Most Influential Person Award, Women in AV Australia’s founder Toni McAllister, says, it’s not a new issue.

Toni spoke to Connected magazine and was delighted to be receiving the award: “Thank you to everyone who voted, I really appreciate it and I think it goes some way to saying that what I’m doing with the Women in AV Australia group is appreciated and recognised.”

By her own admission, Toni’s route into the AV industry was far from planned out.

To read more, head to the Connected article here.


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