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Empowering women with knowledge, guidance and support


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Our mission at Women in AV Australia is to unite, inspire and empower women in our industry. One way we can do this is by supporting one another, sharing our knowledge, wisdom and experience with others. Or alternatively by reaching out and seeking support and advice when it is needed.


To help share the love, we've created a mentor program.

Mentors - do you have some time to share your expertise with other women or new-starters in our industry? Are you ready to make a positive impact on someone's career and contribute to diversity and inclusion in our industry?

Mentees - are you looking to gain insights from experienced mentors, expand your network and develop valuable skills and confidence?

Join the program by simply filling out the form below. We will endeavour to match you with the best fit.


Don't worry, we'll let you know before we connect you with anyone.

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