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Gigs are back and that’s great news. But how do you find your next career opportunity and how do you know that the company you are joining values and supports diversity and inclusion?

With the launch of the Jobs Board on the Women in AV Australia website, we’ve tried to take out some of the guesswork.

Not only is there a list of some of the latest and greatest AV roles in the events industry, in addition to that each company listed has been willing to put forward a culture ambassador.

What is a culture ambassador? Someone who you can speak with about what things are really like behind closed doors.

So, if you see an opportunity listed that appeals to you, reach out to us here at Women in AV Australia and we will share those ambassador details with you. We’re all about supporting you, so any discussions you have with us will be strictly confidential.

And if you’re a company that wants to list an opportunity, get in touch. Diversity and inclusion are our top priority, so if that sounds like you and your team, then we’ll be a great match.

Women in AV Australia is here to unite, inspire and empower women in the AV industry. If you have any questions or thoughts, we’re always open to feedback and new ideas.


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